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Random Quote….. H G Wells

“Countless people will hate the New World Order and will die protesting against it.” — H G Wells

Military Drones NOW Being Used on US Citizens in AMERICA!

Remember they were ONLY for ‘The Borders’…
Didnt take long either. Next they will be armed… guaranteed.

The Po-Po Dont Like YOU Listening in…

More police departments look to tune public out

By ERIC TUCKER  AP – Nov 20, 2011

WASHINGTON (AP) — Police departments around the country are working to shield their radio communications from the public as cheap, user-friendly technology has made it easy for anyone to use handheld devices to keep tabs on officers responding to crimes.  *** READ MORE***

We can listen to you… BUT you CANT listen to us!
REMEMBER… THEY are STILL OUR SERVANTS! Dont forget that. WE sign their checks.

The Illusion of Security – THE PLAIN TRUTH by Judge Napolitano

The Judge tells it like it is… AGAIN!
Listen up People!

The Money That Is Sold Abroad Is You!


Police Across the Nation Will Roll Out Face-Recognizing iPhone Tech This Year

Amid Privacy Fears, Police Across the Nation Will Roll Out Face-Recognizing iPhone Tech This Year

By Clay Dillow



A controversial piece of facial recognition technology (and a PopSci “Best of What’s New 2010” alum) is rolling out in police stations across the country this fall, and naturally not everyone is happy about it. The Mobile Offender Recognition and Identification System (MORIS) uses an augmented iPhone to snap pictures of faces, scan fingerprints, and even to image irises, and then combs through police databases looking for matching identities. This, understandably, has privacy and civil liberties advocates crying foul.

The MORIS device attaches to the back of an iPhone, adding roughly 1.75 inches to the thickness of the smartphone. Police officers armed with the tool can take a photo of a person’s face from about five feet away, or scan his or her iris from about six inches, and wirelessly beam that data to law enforcement databases elsewhere to look for a match. It can also perform remote fingerprint matching.

Similar biometric technology has been deployed by the U.S. military in places like Iraq and Afghanistan to confirm the identities of civilians entering military safe zones and to search for known insurgents at checkpoints. But rolling it out in the streets of the U.S. has plenty of people concerned with privacy and Constitutional issues. ***READ MORE***

And you thought this was only going to be used on the Afghans/Iraqis… they were just testing it out.. This is for YOU!


Apple Assumes Role of Big Brother by Developing Patent to Automatically Disable iPhone Cameras at Concerts (and Police or Government Abuse Incidents?)

Friday, June 17, 2011

by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer


(NaturalNews) As annoying as many are, the steady stream of garbled, shaky video clips of musical concert performances that get uploaded to YouTube every day could become a thing of the past, at least for Apple iPhone users. According to a recent report from Business Insider, Apple has filed a patent for new technology that is capable of automatically disabling iPhones from being able to video record live concerts, which in turn prevents users from violating copyright laws by eventually sharing such videos with others.

The patent, which many see as a major assault against personal freedom, explains that in the presence of certain infrared signals, an iPhone could be controlled by outside sources to shut down its video capturing capabilities. Though posited in light of copyrighted musical performances, such technology could also be used to disable iPhones from filming police abuse scenarios such as what took place back in May at the 2011 annual Wheeler Block Party at Western Illinois University (http://www.naturalnews.com/032318_b…), or the recent case of Miami police who gunned down Raymond Herisse and destroyed a witness’ camera phone (http://www.naturalnews.com/032655_p…).

Even the technology’s assumed purpose of simply deterring the illegal filming of concerts, however, is disconcerting. If Apple ends up incorporating this type of technology into iPhones, the company will essentially assume control over its customers’ personal devices. And if this control gets into the hands of the wrong people, there is no telling the extent to which one’s iPhone will literally be controlled and managed by Big Brother.

Imagine if your personal computer (the iPhone is a type of personal computer, actually) suddenly stopped loading websites like NaturalNews, or literally prevented you from watching certain video clips that expose the truth about what is going on in the world (such as those found at NaturalNews.TV), simply because some outside force sent an infrared signal that disabled it, outside of your control of course. This is the type of territory into which Apple is now treading, and it is a disturbing type that deserves concerted opposition both from Apple users and from the public.

Sources for this story include:


Really? I’ve never watched a entire concert recorded on an iPhone… nor do I wish to.
They are reaching on this one.
They are just testing us right now… if no one complains, it will roll through. If we stand up, they will say it was just an idea…

Tennessee Passes Law Criminalizing Posting of Any Image That Someone Finds Offensive

by: J. D. Heyes


June 12, 2011

(NaturalNews) Just when you thought lawmaking in America couldn’t get any more ridiculous comes a new piece of legislation that quite possibly could be the most outrageous, if not unconstitutional law ever passed.

The geniuses in the Tennessee legislature passed a bill which makes it a crime to “transmit or display an image” online that is likely to “frighten, intimidate or cause emotional distress” to anyone who sees it. Gov. Bill Haslam perpetuated the idiocy when he signed it into law last week.

As if the United States didn’t already jail more people than Russia or China, persons found guilty of violating this new legal monstrosity could face a year in prison along with a $2,500 fine.***READ MORE***

I cannot figure out how they get away with this stuff…

YEMEN? Al Qaeda is the Magic Word.

 U.S. Is Intensifying a Secret Campaign of Yemen Airstrikes



June 8, 2011

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration has intensified the American covert war in Yemen, exploiting a growing power vacuum in the country to strike at militant suspects with armed drones and fighter jets, according to American officials.

The acceleration of the American campaign in recent weeks comes amid a violent conflict in Yemen that has left the government in Sana, a United States ally, struggling to cling to power. Yemeni troops that had been battling militants linked to Al Qaeda in the south have been pulled back to the capital, and American officials see the strikes as one of the few options to keep the militants from consolidating power. ***READ MORE***

“…Qaeda operatives have mingled with other rebels and antigovernment militants, making it harder for the United States to attack without the appearance of picking sides.”
As the late Aaron Russo said… it will be a never ending war.

NEW Airport ‘Tunnel’ Scanners Coming Soon…

3 lines… Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest.
None of the “Elite” will go through this radiation love tunnel… THEY fly private.
This is reserved for the Slaves.

Total Recall(1990)

National Alert System for Cell Phones… 1984?

National Emergency Alert System Set To Launch In NYC


May 10, 2011

NEW YORK, (CBSNewYork) – A new national alert system is set to begin in New York City that will alert the public to emergencies via cell phones.

Presidential and local emergency messages as well as Amber Alerts would appear on cell phones equipped with special chips and software.

The Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Emergency Management Agency said the system would also warn about terrorist attacks and natural disasters***READ MORE***

They make it sound optional but than you read this “Consumers would be able to opt out of all but those presidential messages.”
Say HELLO to Big Brother… and yes he can already activate your camera whenever he feels… even with the power off.


Lawmakers demand answers from Apple about iPhone tracking


By David Edwards

April 21st, 2011

Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) and Rep. Ed Markey (D-MA) have sent letters to Apple CEO Steve Jobs demanding to know why Apple’s products are keeping a log of every place the owner goes.

Researchers Alasdair Allan and Pete Warden revealed Wednesday that Apple’s iPads and iPhones contain a database with thousands of location points that gets downloaded every time the device syncs with a PC or Mac.

The unencrypted file, named “consolidated.db,” seems to be first created when user downloads and installs iOS 4 software to the device. It includes latitude, longitude, a time stamp, and the IP address for the wireless network the phone was currently accessing.

Because the location is derived from cell phone towers instead of GPS, the researchers speculated that the feature could not be disabled without completely turning off the device.

This seems to contradict a letter to Markey (PDF) last year where Apple stated that “users could “turn ‘off’ all location-based service capabilities with a single ‘on/off’ switch.”  ***READ MORE***

This is not news but funny. We already know we’re being tracked but these clowns are acting as if it is a violation to our ” imaginary” rights… Isn’t it nice when you are talking about M&Ms and a few pages later you have friggin M&M ads on your page? Yes M&Ms… I’m sure that is mere coincidence…


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