Police Use ‘BAD CAT’ to BullDoze House To Get Suspect… WTF?

Man who shot officer found dead after police bulldoze his LA home in 18-hour stand-off



April 5, 2011

A man who barricaded himself in his house after shooting a police officer was found dead after police used a bulldozer to tear down his home.

Police ripped down the walls of the house using a giant fork-lift as a last resort after they had used phone calls, a bullhorn, tear gas and gun fire to try to get the suspect, Sergio Salazar, to come out of the two-storey building in Los Angeles.

The five-bedroom house, in the suburb of Sylmar, was torn apart by the armoured machine, known as the ‘Bad Cat’, as police tried to reach the suspected gunman in a dramatic end to an 18-hour stand-off. ***READ MORE***

I know that a officer was shot but come on! I am 100% positive that this is just the beginning of this machine.
They will only get more destructive and intrusive… Will using explosives to get the suspects to come out be acceptable to you?
I know where these tactics are used… The Gaza Strip. Is this what we have become?

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